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Trigger Zones along Spline Mesh
Hi! I'm wondering if there's a way to automatically create a Trigger zone around or along a spline. I'm imagining generating a Mesh extrusion and using the Mesh Collider from that. But since the mesh would be concave, you can't set it to IsTrigger to true. 

I think that using primitive colliders along the mesh would be good enough to simulate it, but I'd like a way to auto-generate that.


It depends on what makes your mesh concave:
  • If it is because the Cross shape is, then generate another mesh with a convex cross shape (a rectangle for example).
  • If it is because your Path spline has turns, then this might help:
    • In Shape Extrusion, Set Optimize to True, and reduce the Resolution/Angle Threshold until you have a minimal but acceptable mesh
    • In Volume Mesh, Set Splt at true, and Split Length to something really small. Since splitting always happens at existing vertices, such small Split Length value will basically mean that each part will be defined by two consecutive groups of vertices. Basically, the part will have no turns in it, and will be thus convex.

I hope this helped. Please let me know if it worked.
Have a nice day.
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