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Get position of all control points for a spline

Just starting out with Curvy, sorry of this is a dumb question. I'm trying to do what feels like it should be very simple. 

I'm using a Curvy UI Spline to create a path for a 2d world map. I have plotted control points for locations for each level. Now I just want to get the position of all of the control points so I can spawn a level button there, but...there doesn't seem to be a way to just get the transform of a control point?

I feel like I'm missing something?  There's a bunch of set position / rotation methods on the CurvySplineSegment class, but no simple 'get position'? 

Should I just bypass Curvy and get the transforms of the gameobject children of the spline?  

Feels strange that this is so difficult.

Thanks in advance,
Mike W
Hi Mike,

The list of control points is available through this member: CurvySpline.ControlPointsList.

Then you can get the position of the control point as you would do for any other Unity game object.

Did this help?
Have a nice day
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