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Control points parenting
Hello there,

First, thanks for this nice lib, really powerful and helpful! Already getting awesome results after a few hours of dev.

Little question tho, is this possible - and what would be the best approach - to "parent" the control points together. I mean, I'd like to update the control points transform at runtime, as such the children control points transforms become relative to the parent control point. I tried to manually parent them but it doesn't seems to work.

Is this something doable or not?

Thanks for your feedback Big Grin
Thanks Brice, I am happy to see that Curvy Splines was useful to you.

I am not sure about what you are trying to do.
If you are trying to achieve something like the attached picture, then it is not possible, because the spline will consider only the Control Points (CPs for short) that are a direct child, so in this example only 00, 08 and 13.
If this is indeed what you try to achieve, why do you need that?
You can on the other hand have splines being children of other splines. I never worked with this unusual setup, so it might lead to bugs I am unaware of, but this might work.

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Thanks for your quick reply.

That's exactly what I'm trying to achieve, and I didn't think about nesting splines into others: good idea! I will give it a try and let you know if it works Wink
Another way would be to keep the CPs the way they are but to add some kind of parent-children components to the CPs to build up fake relationships between them, based on references, and sync their transforms at runtime. I will also give it a try.

Thanks again.

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