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Conveyor Belt System
I'm trying to build a conveyor belt type system. I'm struggling with getting it right.

I basically want to follow the spline, with a perpendicular offset. This is so items travelling round the outer edge of a curve will travel faster than item on the inner side of a curve.

Im currently finding the nearest TF when the object lands on the conveyor belt, but just following the tangent isnt good enough. Can anyone give me some pointers?

Here is a snippet of what im doing...
Guess I already answered by mail (that was you, right?). I'd simply make the object a child of the GameObject holding a regular spline controller, then offset it by changing the child's transform.

PS: TF means "Total Fragment" Wink
Hey Jake, Yes it was me you emailed. I bought curvy anyhow, as i think i can put it to good use.

I dont think i can make the object a child of the GameObject holding the spline as its a rigid body and i believe re-parenting rigid bodies isnt a good idea.

Ive made some progress today, but i still feel my implementation isnt quite right. take a look if you fancy.

The problem with this implementatin is that when objects are traveling on the inside of the curve, they 'move backwards' if the curve is tight. im finding it tricky to resolve this

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