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Error building for Universal Windows App
Hello there!
we really love curvy, but we have some problems building for Windows10 Universal app.
We're currently working with Curvy 1.6.1 and everything works fine until we start a Win10 build.

13 errors shows up, every one of them apparently caused by a missed dll load (here is the error text:)

"Reference rewriter: Error: method `System.Void System.Console::WriteLine(System.String)` doesn't exist in target framework. It is referenced from poly2tri.dll at System.Void FluffyUnderware.Curvy.ThirdParty.poly2tri.DTSweep::FlipScanEdgeEvent(FluffyUnderware.Curvy.ThirdParty.poly2tri.DTSweepContext,FluffyUnderware.Curvy.ThirdParty.poly2tri.TriangulationPoint,FluffyUnderware.Curvy.ThirdParty.poly2tri.TriangulationPoint,FluffyUnderware.Curvy.ThirdParty.poly2tri.DelaunayTriangle,FluffyUnderware.Curvy.ThirdParty.poly2tri.DelaunayTriangle,FluffyUnderware.Curvy.ThirdParty.poly2tri.TriangulationPoint)."

is there any quick solution? are you planning to solve this problem soon? we're considering upgrade, but for now curvy 1.6.1 works super-fine for us and upgrading would require quite a lot of project refactoring

p.s. Already try to build a win10 app with new Curvy 2.0.2, but as well quite a lot of errors show up (after a bit of exploration, they all seem to be caused by the fact that the win10 universal app subset code is smaller than standard c#, and some method aren't allowed, for example Assembly.GetAssembly(Type))

looking forward to get your help!
Thanks for pointing this out. I'll fix this for 2.0.3 (will be released this week) and let you know once a temporary fix is available for this problems.
Unfortunately we won't provide fixes for the old 1.61, but I've attached the source of poly2tri.dll used in 1.61. Just replace the DLL with the source and comment/remove any unsupported code.

The problem with Windows 10 Universal Apps is that I don't have a Win 10 box at hand, so I can't test it yet. I'll update one of my boxes to Win10 asap, but this could take a day or two.

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Running a box on Win 10 now. Anyone has a good list or more details about limitations/.NET subset that UWP uses? I didn't found much details about the subject...
Thanks so much Jake! with the source code replacement everything worked fine in 1.6.1, successfull win10 build! Big Grin worsk perfectly.

about the .NET subset, i didn't find much either, except for this Windows app developer support reference, from which i deduced the missing of some methods

here's the link:

again, thank you for the super fast answer & support!
Curvy is Amazing btw Big Grin
Thanks for the link, I'm working on making Curvy 2 compatible to Win 10 Universal builds now.
Update on the subject: I managed to make DevTools at least compile for WSA (by stripping almost any reflection and threading stuff out using compiler directives), but Visual Studio fails to build the universal app. But it does for an empty project as well, so I guess I had to dive deeper into that stuff.

I'll release 2.0.3 containing bugfixes before that, though.

The part I'm not getting clear right now is why my editor only classes can't rely on things like "default" reflection. I would have assumed editor classes aren't considered when building...

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