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Different materials along extrusion
I'm building a race track and my current approach when it comes to different track types along the track feels very clumsy.

Is there any way, via meta nodes or similar, to provide material info (either separate materials or simply U/V info) along a path extrusion? Or is my multiple extrusions with separate mesh outputs from a common path the only way to assign different materials?

I've managed to get the U-property of the cross section shape to work after looking at the rail track tutorial. But now I'm looking to do something similar, but along the extrusion path instead of the cross section.

If no solution is available, it would be nice to see a V based meta node, that applies the V coordinate along a extrusion.
What I'm doing is basically this;
0 = Dirt road material (repeat along spline)
1 = Transition material (1 repetition using V coord info)
2 = Asphalt material (repeat along spline)
Your way of doing it is the correct way right now. Having a parameterable V coordinate (beyond offsetting and tiling) is something I am planning to implement in Curvy Splines.
Let me know if I can help further
Have a nice day
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