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How do join 3 splines && Orientation problem
I have 3 different spline controllers, each spline has 2 control points. Each spline starts where the previous one ended. I'm trying to also have them start with with the orientation of the last control point but I seem to not be able to affect it at all for some reason,  

So my questions are:

1) I'm using this to set the rotation of the first CP but it doesn't seem to do anything 

.LastVisibleControlPoint.transform.rotation =

2) Can I join the 3 splines into one dynamically and ensure rotation is smooth or that it makes sense?
1-a What is the "Orientation" value in the Curvy Spline's inspector?
1-b Prefer using the LastVisibleControlPoint.SetRotation instead. Read it's documentation to understand why
2- Just move the control points out of their current splines into one common spline
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