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make "GetCurrentControlPoint" in SplineController more accessable
Hi folks,

first of all i wanna say that your asset is quiet nice!
At the moment i am working on a system where objects should follow a list of splines and should have some
breaks at specific positions (ControlPoints/SegmentPoints). Also they should lower there speed on approaching.
To archive this i implemented a new Controller derieved from SplineController. The problem is to get the current
and the next Controlpoint because the method "GetCurrentControlPoint" is set to private. I think it make sense to
put it at least on protected.

Sebastian.  Rolleyes

Thanks for the compliment.

When I wrote GetCurrentControlPoint, I wasn't expecting it to be used by any other class. Since you inherit from SplineController, I see why you might need it. Normally I would have thought that people will use CurvySpline's methods such as TfToSegment or DistanceToSegment.

I am thinking of reworking the implementation of SplineController in one of the next updates to avoid some edge cases and add some features. I will then think about making GetCurrentControlPoint accessible if its existence is still needed.

Thanks for the suggestion, and have a nice day
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