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Dummy spline points

Have you ever or would you ever consider adding support for dummy points on the spline? These points would not drive the spline shape but instead follow it. These would be useful as triggers or meta data holders that can be moved around and set freely without changing the spline shape. They would be bound to the segment they're on as distance or percentage from beginning / end and would migrate to adjacent segment(s) in case the one they're currently on is deleted. Currently, for example, if you have a nice curvy curve defined by two points and you want to throw in a trigger somewhere between the two points, it gets a bit fiddly to setup the new control point and its tangents to get the old seamless curvature when all you wanted to do was have a trigger there and not really influence the curve.


First of all, sorry for the late answer. I did answer you shortly after you posted your question, but it seems that because of some internet issues in the city I live at, it seems that my answer was not successfully send.

What you can do is to use a collider to trigger events, and add a Spline Controller to said collider to make it positioned on the spline. This way, even if you modify the spline, the trigger will stay at the same distance/TF on the spline.

More about Unity's triggering

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