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Is Bug Reporter working?
When I click on Curvy's little bug icon in unity, nothing happens. Its a bit of a conundrum. I need to report a bug with the bug reporter, but the bug reporter doesn't appear to work. 

I know, I'm being a smarta$$. Big Grin
That's weird. All it does is opening the bug report page in your default browser using Application.OpenURL() from Unity's API.

May I ask what OS you're using and if you have a default browser defined?
I am on a Mac version 10.10.2. My default browser is Chrome. Let me see if it works with Safari

I switched to Safari and it still doesn't work. When I go to Curvy's info window, the other buttons will launch a browser to your website in either Safari or Chrome. So I'm not sure whats going on there. I'll have to try it on my home machine tonight and see if it works on a slightly different setup.
Perhaps Application.OpenURL doesn't like the URL I build. Would you mind adding a quick Debug.Log() to CurvyEditorUtility.SendBugReport() and post the resulting string here, probably try the string directly in your browser?


#5 System@=Mac OS X 10.10.2&@Unity Version@=5.2.0f3&@Curvy Version@=2.0.2
btw. Tried this on my home mac and it didn't work their either. The home mac reported this string: System@=Mac OS X 10.10.5&@Unity Version@=5.2.0f3&@Curvy Version@=2.0.2

btw. Tried this on my home mac and it didn't work there either. This was what the string reported there: System@=Mac OS X 10.10.5&@Unity Version@=5.2.0f3&@Curvy Version@=2.0.2
If I enter the full URL you posted in my browser, it open's a report page:

I don't have a clue why this isn't working on your side.

Any other mac users around???

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