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Position in Input Spots not working on all directions.
Currently it seems you can't use the position fields in "Input Spots" for more then moving objects along the path. Is it possible to move objects up, down, left and right using the position fields in "Input Spots"?
[Image: bzhj0zr.png]
The Input Spots module can move objects in all directions, but the Deform Mesh module puts them on the spline. You can see this behaviour in more details in this tutorial
You can though translate the produced V Mesh (output of the Deform Mesh module) using the TRS Mesh module. You can also translate the input spline using the TRS Path module.
Did this helps?
FYI, I am on leave starting from today, but I will keep an eye on the forum frequently enough.
Have a nice day
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Thanks for your answer.

I did some testing with the TRS Mesh module and TRS Path Module and if I understand everything correctly its not what I'm looking for. I want to be able to change spot positions in all axles without adding new modules when the spots modules are connected to a Deform Mesh. The game we are currently making has a potential to use many Input spots as we need to place different prefabs along the curve and most time they need an offset in X/Z axel and rotation in x degrees.

The best way I know of to accomplish this:
- Using a Input GameObjects module for every prefab and set Translation for that prefab in the Input GameObjects. Doing this will only crate one/two modules for every prefab added. One Input GameObjects and One Input Spots.

This is probably doable for us but if Input Spots Position worked as an offset from the curve it would be awesome. Using position (0,2,0) would just put the object two meters above the curve. Then we would be able to use one Input Spots for a group of prefabs and it would make everything more readable.

It is possible that I have missed a feature in Curvy Splines that can do something like that.

Have a nice day.

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