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Static SplinePathMeshBuilders don't display in Unity 5
Hi, I recently migrated to Unity 5 (5.0.1f1) and noticed that my extruded meshes disappear as soon as I run the game (though they're displayed in edit mode). Hitting the refresh button on the SplinePathMeshBuilder doesn't have any effect. This didn't happen in Unity 4. If I uncheck the static flag on the SplinePathMeshBuilder, the problem goes away.

Mesh Info reports having lots of triangles. If I double click in the Curvy Mesh component's mesh property, I see a mangled mess. It looks similar in size and vert count to the unextruded mesh, except all the triangles are degenerate.

Is setting the SplinePathMeshBuilder to static a bad idea?
Yes, they're generated dynamically, so setting them to static isn't a good idea.

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