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Using Unity's SplineContainer in Curvy Splines
Hi! Is there any way to use Unity's native SplineController for Curvy Splines components like Generators? Alternatively, is there a way to convert a Unity spline into a Curvy Spline?

Thank you!

Both Curvy's and Unity's splines come with an API. So it is possible to write code that uses both APIs to convert from one to another. Once that conversion fully implemented, you would be able to use any tool, made for one of these two spline packages, with any of these splines.

Here is Curvy's API:
Here is Unity's API:

If you don't have the knowledge or time to write such a converter, let me know as I could implement this for you as part of a contractual work.

I hope this helped, and have a nice day.
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Has consideration been given as to replacing Curvy's spline API with Unity's entirely? Having multiple disparate spline systems within Unity is kind of silly, I'd love to see themĀ coalesce around the official API, since it seems quite feature filled. Is Unity's missing features that Curvy's has?
In the following, I will use the expression "my splines" to express the spline calculations implemented in Curvy Splines, that are then used by the tools include in the asset (controllers, mesh extrusion, etc.)
Making Curvy Splines' tools build on top of Unity's splines instead of my splines is seemingly a good idea, since it removes the burden of maintenance of a the spline calculation.
The issue is that Unity's splines is lacking features compared to my splines, such as compatibility with B-Splines.
Another point to consider is that Unity did not lately show high reactivity when it comes to fixing bugs. So if Curvy Splines relies solely on Unity's splines' API, there will surely be situations where the latter will have bugs, which reflects on Curvy Splines, but for which I can do nothing, besides reporting the bug and waiting. Same reasoning when it comes to implementing new features.
Supposing that Unity is reactive, and their splines are feature equivalent to my splines, then replacing the splines is still not a clear win, since the replacement process takes man-hours that could be more useful implementing new features.
The transition would make sense only if, in addition to the above, Unity splines add useful features missing my splines.
Please consider leaving a review for Curvy. This will help a lot keeping Curvy relevant in the eyes of the Asset Store algorithm.

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