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Generator always broken
We've been using Curvy for a couple years now, a problem that has existed in all the versions in that time is that if you return to examine a generator it is usually totally broken. What I mean by broken is that the connectors between modules will be gone, therefore all modules will be highlighted red, even if we reconnect them the Generator often doesn't work. We have been using screen captures to recreate them if we ever need to make a change... Note that the generated content remains intact, JUST if we need to review the generator or make a change returning to it is futile...

We have found copying and pasting generators also doesn't work, and may lead to breaking them. But this isn't always the sole cause... 

This has been an issue for a couple years for us, in the last few versions of curvy, Unity 2018 and 2017, and on more than one machine. 

Is there some workaround to fix this, I'm surprised to not find a topic on this problem..

Wow, that's some pretty bad bug.

Quote:I'm surprised to not find a topic on this problem
I myself use pretty intensely Curvy Generators, and this issue is new to me. Maybe you found some specific use case, or maybe you saved the generator in an old version that had an issue, and that was solved since. I don't exclude other reasons of course.

Anyways, can you please answer the following questions to help me reproduce and fix the issue:
  1. Starting from a new working graph, when does the graph break? When reopening the scene? Reopening Unity? Upgrading Curvy? Upgrading Unity?...
  2. Starting from a broken graph, and after fixing it and saving the scene, when does the graph break again?
  3. Do your graph have any disabled game objects? I know that those can cause issues.
  4. just to be sure, when you say "copying and pasting generators", you mean using saving then loading templates, right?
  5. Do you have a scene showing the issue that you can share with me?
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Thanks for the quick response...
1. its usually not right away, its if we return to a generator later, days later so after reopening unity. likely uploading to cloud but we had this problem before using Unity Collaborate.
2. see above, days later. As you can guess we don't need to update generators often, when we do it could be weeks later
3. yes, we have learned that disabling reference GOs will break the Generator, and enabling them often brings that type of broken generator back.
4. we mean actually copying and pasting the whole GO in the hiearchy view. Which use to cause Curvy reference id issues in the past, I just tried now to attempt to recreate and that didn't happen this time. We avoid cutting and pasting generators long ago.
5. the screen would just show a generator with all the linkages gone, and either you cannot link them back up (lines just won't stick to modules) or if you can generator just won't generate anymore... I'll see if I can create a sample project with this.
4. Indeed, duplicating GOs will result in multiple modules sharing the same Id, which is source of bugs. Copying modules from the graph updates the ids correctly. I will in the future see what I can do to avoid duplicated ids even when duplicating from the hierarchy.
5.If you can that would be great, because I can't manage to reproduce the issue otherwise.
Please consider leaving a review for Curvy. This will help a lot keeping Curvy relevant in the eyes of the Asset Store algorithm.

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