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Y Rotation Locks at 90degrees
I  created a spline using the line tool with the XY option Activated as I drew the Control Points (only a few).  after I applied the Line to my Sprite controller the sprite gets flipped to 90degree's on the Y rotation so thus my sprite goes invisible...

Wondering what the option is to make the rotation not get stuck to 90.

[Image: oqbVBaE.png]



I figured it out. I had the Orientation set incorrectly for what I was doing. you can see in image I set to a Tangent / Right. Seemed to of fixed it.

[Image: LGy0Sji.png]

So for so good. (first 20 min after purchase) ahha

(06-27-2018, 07:27 AM)skyboard Wrote: Thanks

You are welcome Big Grin
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