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Rotation issue with generator

I have a Bezier spline, all normals pointin out (y direction) and it is not moving in z direction.
I then wish to create a specified GameObject on the cube, but when doing this it rotates the GameObject around y so the orientation no longer is correct.

i can se the same happens if i use "Quaternion.LookRotation(splineCurve.GetTangentByDistance(distanceAndOffset,Space.World))" then it turns the GameObject also on the y axis.
so the problem seems to be the spline but i cannot se the problem or what settings i should tweek.

do someone have an idea how to fix this

best regardsĀ 
Sorry but I am not sure to understand your issue. I will answer based on my understanding. Please send me a reproduction case if my answer is not relevant.

In your spline parameters, try to set the Orientation to Static:
If Static is not good enough, set the value back to Dynamic, and rotate the Control Points that are orientation anchors. That way you can define the orientation of your spline manually.
If needed, please refer to this tutorial:

I hope this helped.
Have a nice day
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