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Editor Crashes
Hi, I was experiencing some fatal crashes in a project.  I figured it had to do with namespace issues or inputs, so I tried a fresh install of Curvy in an empty Unity project (2017.2.0f3 on a 2015 i7 Macbook Pro), and it's still crashing.  

Some example scenes are causing a system crash - in this case I was looking at example 3, but it happens in multiple example scenes (curiously, example 99 runs without a problem).  Moreover, even the basic project is running very slowly.  Editor log isn't really telling me anything, but I'll attach it anyway [EDIT - removed the log as the issue is not related to the Curvy Plugin - see response below].  I didn't have any error messages in the Editor when it was playing. 

Let me know if you need more information.  I'm trying to implement path switching and need the examples to understand how it works

OK, it seems that this is a broader Unity - Mac issue. The following fix worked for me:

Feel free to delete or close this thread, or leave it up to help others.

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