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Load/Save a connection setup
Hi Jake,

I want to save and load a complete setup of the spline connections. Where the Followups() are directed to etc..
This is important to create Game Activities. Game Activity are user task he has to fulfill.
So its required to have a complete (or parts of it) setup to load and save.

I use EasySave2 from the asset store to manage the most stuff for IO stuff.
But trying to create new Types EasySave2 (this is possible) comes unsolvable.

Do you have any idea and example how to solve LOAD/SAVE of a Connection property?

Thank you..
(Henry Ford) Each hour more of searching is each hour less of your live time.

Not really. When using prefabs, it's sufficient to store the involved connection GameObject together with the splines. I don't know how Easysave serializes the data, especially when it comes to objects with cross references.

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