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How to start volume spots at the end of spline instead of front
Is there a simple way to reverse the way volume spots are generated such that they start at then end of the spline, instead of the beginning? (right now the first spot will get generated at the beginning (first control point), and as you modify the spline, like making it bigger, spots will get added in at the end of the spline, while the first spot stays fixed). What I would like to have happen is the first spot will get generated at the end/last control point, and additional spots will get added in at the beginning/first control point. 
Basically something like volume path/range going from 1 to 0 instead of 0 to 1.

I've tried just reversing the spline around (treating the first control point as the 'end' and the last cp as the 'beginning', but I would have to modify a lot of my existing code to make this work. If there's an easier way let me know.


Right now there is no module to reverse a path. So reversing the spline using the Flip too in the toolbar (or via the API) is the best solution. You can maintain two versions of the spline at the same time, the normal one for your code, and the flipped one for the generator.

I hope this helped.
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Have a nice day
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