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Odd behavior when drawing spline
I decided to resurrect this post as I was working on my game today... it triggered a thought and I thought I'd mention it from what you said earlier in this post several months ago:

"Your post highlighted to me the need to improve this part of Curvy Splines. I am planning to do so in the future."

So my idea - maybe it's only applicable to my scenario:

What if you added an option that when a spline is drawn in the scene, it could be added as a child to an object in the scene by default if no other object in the hierarchy is selected?
  • If the option isn't set, Curvy continues to work as it always has with the spline positioned 10 units from the camera.
  • If an object is selected in the hierarchy, it would be relative to that object.
  • If no object is selected in the hierarchy and the option is set, it would be relative to the specified "default" object.

I'm basically doing the 3rd option myself - I have an empty game object positioned in the scene (Position 0,0,0 but it could be anywhere) that I select in the hierarchy before drawing a spline.  I then place my control points in the scene, which creates the spline object as a child to the empty game object, and the control points as children to the spline.  The user might want to keep the parent object... or they could pull the created spline out of the empty parent container where it maintains it's relative scale.

Does that make any sense?  Just a possible idea, maybe it fits and maybe it doesn't.  Smile
Your idea for sure makes sense, thanks for sharing it. The question is "Is there a better idea?". That would be part of the work on the feature. Sometimes, adding a lot of options that fit specific cases brings more negatives than positives, including a more complex implementation (bug prone) and hard to get familiar with UI. For this reason, a unique simple solution is prefeberal. But there are rarely a one size fits all solution for all problems. So specific options are still necessary. Finding the right balance is part of the job. I will definitely consider your idea when working on this issue. Thanks again.
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