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I will assess in the future if such a modification of the API is worth it. Independently, you can add this extension method to a static class in a file outside of Curvy's folder.

        public static void TeleportTo2(this CurvyController curvyController, float newPosition)
            float distance = Mathf.Abs(curvyController.Position - newPosition);
            MovementDirection direction = curvyController.Position < newPosition
                ? MovementDirection.Forward
                : MovementDirection.Backward;
            Assert.IsTrue(distance >= 0);
            if(curvyController.PlayState != CurvyControllerState.Playing)
                DTLog.LogError("[Curvy] Calling TeleportBy on a controller that is stopped. Please make the controller play first");

            float preWrapSpeed = curvyController.Speed;
            //MovementDirection preWrapDirection = curvyController.MovementDirection;

            const float timeFraction = 1000;
            curvyController.Speed = Mathf.Abs(distance) * timeFraction;
            curvyController.MovementDirection = direction;

            curvyController.ApplyDeltaTime(1 / timeFraction);

            curvyController.Speed = preWrapSpeed;
            //MovementDirection = preWrapDirection;

Putting this in a different file have the advantage of not having it modified or interfered with when updating Curvy Splines
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Good idea, thanks!

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