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Is there a way to deform a gameobject?
(05-11-2023, 10:27 AM)_Aka_ Wrote: You would need to make a script, called after the OnRefresh events, that takes the input game objects, and copy whatever data to the output game objects.

How would this be done? 

1) The easiest but slowest way would just to copy the original object component data and pass it into the output somehow. Via Get/Add Component.

2) Maybe having two outputs sorta. 1. is the game objects with their scripts, 2. is the curved mesh. I'd loop through the CGMeshResource, grab its mesh/bounds data, and pass that into my new game objects. (Is this what you meant?) 

3) A faster performant way would be to somehow allow pooling of the new objects natively with the renderer.

(05-11-2023, 10:27 AM)_Aka_ Wrote: PS: I told you earlier that I was busy because of something, now I can talk about it: it is the spring sale on the asset store.

Oooh! I see now. Awesome! I actually was able to solve my closed problem, as well as modify the script to position things better. My issue now is not having curved objects with their original script data anymore.

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