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about tags
I'm trying to make a multiple track path that's not exactly the same as the example you provide.
I'm using the splinewalkercon that you have provided for testing and have created my own script for changing the name and path (it's not too different from what you have provided.) here is a sample image of what i'm trying to do

the top track and the lower(smaller track work fine) and for the most part the long track (which i call the lower alt track) works fine going one way but when i try to reverse it instead of going back up the alt track it continues with the smaller track.

i have done different variations for the lower and alt track tags but i always get the same problem. when going reverse the camera either only goes the alt track or only the lower track rev. I'm not sure i understand how the tagging is working. i looked at the example you have provided and although i can make sense enough both tracks start and end on the same node where mine are on different nodes.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

before writing long stories, are you able to export the scene (without Curvy folders) for me to have a look at? (attach a zip or send me a mail). I'm quite busy right now (new baby has arrived, yeeehaa) and looking at your scene would be faster I guess.

In general I've planned to add A* pathfinding to assist/replace the Tag based system.

sure no problem. I just started using curvy last week so i'm still learning what i can and can't do with this. so far i like it. a lot.

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.zip   curvy test (Size: 32.6 KB / Downloads: 1)
actually use this package because i forgot to add a script needed for that scene

A changes direction

S changes route

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.zip   curvy test (Size: 33.67 KB / Downloads: 1)
Hm, one of the main disadvantages of the tagging system is that it's hard to debug. Unless there's a A* system in place, you could manually set the tags for the track you want by code (just a simple "GO" tag for your desired connections and all other connections with cleared tags). I guess this will cause much less headache than playing around with lots of tags.

Adding A* should be somewhat straight forward, so I'll add this for the next version.

That's not too bad of an idea. i think i can create something to change each tag for me based on what route i need. i look forward to the next update. thanks

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