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IL2CPP compatibility

At the time of writing this message, Frame Rate Booster (FRB for short) does not work with IL2CPP builds. There is nothing I can do about it, but that might change in the future. Here are the details:

FRB optimizes the IL instructions. IL2CPP takes IL and transforms it to C++ code that is then build using c++ compilers. In that process, the optimizations on the IL get lost. Even worst, the optimized IL can run slower than the non optimized one once transformed by IL2CPP.

The only way to fix this (if it is even fixable) is to modify the IL2CPP pipeline. In other words, it is out of my reach.
It is possible that a future IL2CPP version would make FRB useful for IL2CPP builds. This is why I included in FRB 1.2.0 the possibility to process IL2CPP builds, even if I know that it is useless for now.

If you are interested in the technical details, take a look at this forum post and the ones following it. It contains an exchange with one of IL2CPP developers:

I hope this helped. Have a nice day
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