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Rotation of Curvy Spline Segment
Hi there,

I've recently purchased Curvy, thank you very much.

I'm am using a Bezier spline with Auto Handles set to off. I can click and drag the handles around to "rotate" the segment, that's fine. What I need to do however is this same result but in code via the API (I assume).

I notice that changing the Curvy Spline Segment transform rotation has no effect at all (only using the Y axis).

So my question is, how can I "rotate" the handles/segment in code. The handles areĀ mirrored and don't need to move in or out, just around. An example use case might be using the keyboard to rotate the curve segment for example.

Hope this makes sense, thanks again and best wishes from Australia

Take a look at the 4 properties of the CurvySplineSegment whose names start with "Handle". This is how you set handles via API
Have a nice day
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