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Create collidable 2D at runtime
Hello all,

I'm looking for some information if what I'm trying to make is doable with curvy.

I want to create 2D splines at runtime, and instanciate smooth "pegs" along the spline. Similar to pegs in the game "peggle":

The collider of those pegs should also be created in such a way that it generates a smooth surface so that a ball can roll over it.

Is this possible with Curvy? If yes, can I somebody give a hint how to go about it?
  1. Creating a 2d spline at runtime: doable. You can see it at work in the webGL demo, and if you bought Curvy, the demo's source code is part of the asset, in the Curvy Examples folder.
  2. Instantiating objects along a spline: doable. Same as point 1. You can also generate extruded meshs on the the full spline or part of it. This is also part of the demo.
  3. Smooth colliders: doable. As long as the instantiated object or the extruded mesh is smooth, the mesh collider will be smooth too.
Sorry for taking some time to answer, have been busy with the current sales.
Have a nice day
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