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Generator threading

Does the Generator currently use any threading at all?

If not, could you maybe put all calculations for mesh and GameObject creation in a thread and then just do the Instantiation in the main thread? 

Also: I have set AutoRefresh to false but the meshes still get extruded without calling .Refresh()


Multithreading is done at the Curvy Spline level, but not at the level of the generators.
Right now, multithreading generators is not planned for the next update. But at some point I would like to make more optimizations to the generators, whether it is multi-threading or some other optimization.

About AutoRefresh, can you give me your reproduction case, The one I tested and that worked properly is:
  1. create new scene
  2. create a generator
  3. set its AutoRefresh to false
  4. add a shape extrusion template to the generator
  5. set the spline of the input module of the template: the mesh is not extruded
  6. set AutoRefresh back to true: the mesh is extruded
Have a nice day
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Hi, regarding the generators, do you have an ETA for an update with multi-threading? Or would you recommend doing it by myself. Because my game has a lot of splines and objects generated along the splines and atm the generation takes so long it's freezing the game and Unity and the meshes are not properly combined.
I have no ETA for now, sorry. Also, I spoke about optimizing the generator with whatever the profiler shows me to be the best way, which means that the ratio (performance gain)/(implementation time) might be more advantageous with some other optimization than multi-threading.
Is it possible for you to send me a project with said bad performances so I can use it as a benchmark? I might also find easy ways to improve the perfs for your case.
Please consider leaving a review for Curvy. This will help a lot keeping Curvy relevant in the eyes of the Asset Store algorithm.
Hi, thanks for the update!

No, due to company policy it's not possible but we will focus on some other areas of the game now as there is still much other work to do and take a look at Curvy again in some months!

Thanks for your help!

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