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Placing multiple objects on multiple splines

I have multiple splines and need objects placed on each spline with some space. I initially used InputGameObject->BuildVolumeSpots->Create GameObject for that. But that created one GameObject for one object which really dragged down the performance. So I figured that It would be better to do it with InputMesh->BuildVolumeSpots->Create Mesh and set the combine property to true. 

But using this method only the first spline of all splines which are using the same CreateMesh object has the the created objects on it. The others just don't have them (they don't spawn). I also checked the spots count of the other BuildVolumeSpots and they are all above 0. The links (connections) for all modules are fine as well.

Thanks for your help in advance!
I tried to do what you described but did not find any issue. I attached the scene that I tested with. If by looking at it you find that you configured something wrong, then problem solved. If not, then send me your scene so I can debug.
Have a nice day

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thanks for the quick reply and for the test scene. But in your test scene you used two Create Mesh modules instead of one like I want to do it in my game. 

Could you try it again with just one CreateMesh module for rendering multiple meshes?

Create Mesh module takes only one input of type Spots. So you will have to have multiple Create Mesh modules for now.
I will make a modification for the next update so that Create Mesh can take multiple Spots inputs. I will send you the modified code in you PM once it is ready.
Just FYI, modules that can take multiple inputs in the same slot are the ones that have a "[]" symbol (for array) next to the slot name.
Please consider leaving a review for Curvy. This will help a lot keeping Curvy relevant in the eyes of the Asset Store algorithm.
Ok I see, thank you! Then there is a bug because I'm creating and linking the modules via the API and it let me link multiple OutSpots to the InSpots connection without errors and the generator diagram is also displaying it like it would work^^

Thanks for the upcoming update and your help!

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