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Best practice for multiple splines

I need to extrude meshes out of multiple splines using Generators. The game already joins splines that can be joined but I feel like the performance could still be enhanced.

Is it better to use one generator per spline or one generator for like 5 splines or one generator for all splines? 

Also when using NOT Auto Refresh, does the Curvy Splines or Generator have any impact on performance after everything was extruded?


When Auto Refresh is not set, the generator has a minor overhead because the Update function gets called anyways, but that function does vurtually nothing in this case. So it should not be an issue.

Having 5 extrusions in one Generator is slightly better than 1 extrusion per generator, but what makes generators slow lays elsewhere: it's the generation of the mesh data itself.

Read this page if not done already, it might help[]=performance

In general, I would advise you to profile the editor to see what takes time. See the Unity profiler documentation to learn more about this.

If after trying all of this you can't enhance the performance, you could send me your scene and I might figure out something that can be improved further

Have a nice day
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ok, thanks for your reply!

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