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Mesh problem in generator after rotating control points
Hey there,

I have noticed the problem which happens to the mesh in generator.
When I try to rotate control points for rotating spline something weird happens. Check out this gif:

As you can see when I'm trying to rotate one of control points, the road rotate in a weird approach.
After a little bit searching in the editor, I just noticed it is because of optimize checkbox in Shape Extrusion, Path tab. If it is disabled, there is no problem but when it is active this weird thing happens.

Could you tell me what optimize do and why there is this problem ?
About what Optimize do, you can get that information by clicking on the "?" symbol at the top right corner of every Curvy's component. This will lead you to help pages describing the various fields of the component. Also, sometimes you have tooltips on those fields too.
Here is the link of the documentation[]=optimize
See also the Resolution and Angle Threashold fields.

I don't know how you setup your generator, but here is a simple one that I tested with and couldn't reproduce the issue with
If this doesn't help, please send me a reproduction case

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