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Facade class which inherits SplineController
I want to have a Facade class for my character and also using SplineController for locomotion stuff.

In my CharacterController I have some function which should be called in OnEnabled, OnDisabled, Awake, Start, Update, FixedUpdate and LateUpdate. I tried to override them and call base of them at the first of each method but there is a error because of editor execution of SplineController (Null references).

Do you suggest anything for solving this problem ? Can I disable editor execution ?
It is best to keep the editor execution order of Curvy related classes as it is. Can't you define the execution order of your own script to execute at the right time?
The execution order that is actual set aims to make sure that classes are updated in the correct order. For example, that the spline finishes updating before the controller uses it to move an object on it.
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