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Generating Meshes
I made this road:

I have 2 questions:

1) Is it possible to use one Input Spline Path and instead of using Path > Range of Shape Extrusion module for specifying range ? I mean using Control Points instead of Range.
2) I use this Input Spline Shape for generating 2 lanes and for 4 lanes this one . My problem is I should change UV scale and offset to make them same when they are connected to each other. Is it normal or I can do something to perform this job automatically ?
With offsetting and scaling | Without offsetting and scaling
1) yes you can, using this.
2)If 2 lanes meshes and 4 lanes meshes use different materials, then maybe setting the material UV multiplier and offset can help, otherwise yes you will have to set it in the generator. The CG modules' properties are available through the API, so you can write a script to automate the modification of these properties if needed.
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