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Move CP00X position in hierarchy
Hello ! I have a little issue.

I am manually adding point on a spline, using spline.Add(Vector3 position).

After the creation, I would like to manually order myself the position of the point in the spline
[Image: IKmkDDvZ4OZ_spline.png]

How, From script, can i change the order of a CurvySplineSegment ? (and update the spline to do the calculation)

Thanks !
Unity's API has this method to define the rank of an game object in its hierarchy:
Then after you are done changing the order of CPs, call CurvySpline.SyncSplineFromHierarchy(), and if needed CurvySpline.Refresh() after that.
That should be it. Please let me know if this didn't solve your issue.
Have a nice day
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