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Get TF normal
Dear members of Curvy Forum.

Does anybody knows how can I get the spline normal on the current TF?

With Control points is relatively easy as we can get the transform properties (I believe the normal will be the transform.up of the CP), however I am interested on the normal at TF level. 

I know that the Interpolate methods of CurvySpline script gets you the current position and tangent of the current TF, but I can't find a way to get the normal. 

Thanks in advance for your time.

All the best

////// Quick edit: solution below/////

Hey everybody, I just found the answer .

Consider you have:

A curvyspline script : YourCurvySpline
a TF: currentTF;

to get the normal at TF level is just a matter of doing YourCurvySpline.GetOrientationUpFast(currentTF);

All the best

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