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Road Junctions
Hello, I am currently looking into creating some road junctions. 

The junctions' roads do not always connect to the junction with same angle so I can not just put a standard mesh on the junction.
Is there a way to automatically generate a mesh for the junction using Curvy Generator?

Second, I want to have assets spawned at the junction. 
For example, if I create a junction, I want to automatically have some traffic lights spawned at the end of the connecting roads, or add some pedestrian crossings on the roads (...). 
This might differ depending on the amount of roads connecting to the junction or on the junction type. 
Is this possible with the generator? If not, how difficult do you think it is to extend the generator with that feature?

Thank you for your time.

Curvy does not merge the generated meshes when they intersect.
The hardest part to implement this feature is the mesh merging code. Maybe there some open source code out there that does that. Once you have that, plugging it in Curvy should not be hard.

The generator does not have a module to spawn objects in connections. Via the Unity and Curvy APIs you can get the connections on your scene, if needed check that they are connecting one of the splines you are interested in, get the position of the connection, and then spawn objects accordingly.
This can be more or less complex depending on your setup. The more generic you will want that logic to be, the more difficult it will be to implement I think.

Let me know if you need any more help
Have a nice day
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