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Road, LD & terrain
Hello, I have a situation for my Level design.

I have a game of racing, with my car following a road.
I would like to create some LD around the road.

Do you have some costom tools like in the video of DreamTeck to modify a terrain for exemple:

If not, do you have an idea of how to create some nice level design around the road ? the goal is: first, to not have the road "flying", and secondly, to have a quick process of creation.

Thanks again for all your support Smile

Curvy has tools to place objects around a path, but no tool to modify the terrain around the path. When it comes to terrains, Curvy allows you to do the opposite thing: first make the terrain, then project a path on top of that terrain. You can do that using the CG module ConformPath. The example scene 24_CGConformPath shows you how to do that.

I am not very familiar with terrains, and its available tools, but if you find a tool that allows you to substract parts of a terrain and takes as an input a mesh/collider, you can apply this tool on the produced mesh/collider.
Sorry that I can't help you more with that

Let me know about the solution you end up using.

Please consider leaving a review for Curvy. This will help a lot keeping Curvy relevant in the eyes of the Asset Store algorithm.
Thanks, I will think about it and come back here when I'll found something Smile

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