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Snap to Surface / Project feature

some of you demanded a SnapToSurface like feature to project/layout a spline along a surface/terrain/whatever. That's cool and we like to add this feature, so I'd like to ask anyone interested:

How exactly do you want this to work?
How do you want the workflow to be?
What is the killer feature you're looking after?

Please share your ideas!

some kind of use could be:
- place a prefab (fences, poles, rails, why not buildings..etc) on ground (using clonebuilder) : an interesting feature could be to add snap to ground for both nodes and also for cloned objects (optionally).
- place a tubolar extrusion (ropes, tubes, wires etc.) or walls above objects or on the ground with mesh builder.
- make nodes snapping the ground to make a nice path for camera above an existing terrain.

Some nice features could be also:
- drop all nodes on the ground (place nodes in a top view and after drop all node on the ground)
- drop all node with phisics (for ex. to place a rope or tube in a natural way above a surface)

It would also be nice to be able to snap a spline to the surface of another splines generated mesh.

For example, Create an 8 segment ngon spline mesh from a 4 nodes spline. Then create another spline with the same properties but have it spiral around the other spline, snapping the surfaces together.

You might think of something like a screw, where 1 spline is the core, and the other spline is the threads.

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