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Path not as smooth as spline
Hello Admin,
I am making Bezier Splines. The Splines are of smooth Shape but my path (when I create a Generator) is very angular on the turns. I am not being able to make my path smooth. As a result my path looks really bad and also my train moves out of the path because of the angle generated in the path. So how do I make my path exact like my Spline ??

P.S: How to make post in this forum in the first place ???

1- When using a spline in the generator, the Spline(an infinite number of point defined by a mathematical function) is rasterized to finite set of points called a Path. Depending on the parameters of the rasterization, that set is more or less close to the original spline. More info here:
Also, for your train, you can use the Path Controller class instead of the Spline Controller class.

2- On the forum page, in the top right part, there is a "Post Thread" button

I hope this helped
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Firstly Thanks for the response and I got my path Smooth by Adjusting Shape Extrusion Parameters. I had given a high angle threshold by mistake.

Secondly one more problem I am facing is that I am also using Poles and wires and on the turns of the tracks the wires move out of the poles. I thought it was also because of my Shape Extrusion parameters mistake so I adjusted them. The wire did got smooth but still it goes out of the poles on the turns. Am I making some other mistake ?

And lastly I still can't find that "Post Thread" Button on any page. :p
To post a thread, you should first enter the Curvy support forum, by clicking on the link in your screenshot, then look at the top right part of the window

About the wires and the poll, I can't tell you what's wrong with the provided information. If you send me a subset of your project where I can see the issue, I will probably pinpoint the issue's origin.
Also, please read the documentation of the parameters of the modules/scripts you use in your setup. Your answer is very probably already there.
Please consider leaving a review for Curvy. This will help a lot keeping Curvy relevant in the eyes of the Asset Store algorithm.

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