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How to get list of control points
Hi so I need to get a list of control points at a connection.

I've looked in the API and found this
but I just don't know how to use it basically.

This is the code I'm using ( provided by aka ), which has worked well so far, but now I need to find what control points are part of the connection.
public override CurvySplineSegment SelectConnectedControlPoint(SplineController caller, CurvyConnection connection, CurvySplineSegment currentControlPoint)

// my own logic here for returning curvysplinesegment
return currentControlPoint;

It would be very much appreciated if you could provide a example of how to get a list of control points.


EDIT - I've worked it out  Smile

Although I used other controls points instead ( which is actually better )
Just in case anyone else struggling with this 
foreach (CurvySplineSegment con_Point in connection.OtherControlPoints(currentControlPoint))
Debug.Log (;

Thanks for sharing your findings
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