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Pitch and Speed

I'm having a play with Curvy and was hoping to control the pitch of the tracking object. Think of a paper plane floating down but it's nose not pointing down a the same time.

Also, can I alter the speed at points also, example being a plane speeding up and launching, flying, then slowing to land.


About the pitch: The Spline Controller script's inspector does not give you such fine control over the orientation of the object. But you can do so through coding. You can do that different ways. For example:
  • you can add a script that will run after the controller's script (see "Execution Order" in Unity's documentation) to modify the object's orientation according to your pitching logic
  • Modify the method called ComputeTargetPositionAndRotation in the relevant controller class (they all inherit from CurvyController) to include your pitching logic.
About the speed: Controllers have a Speed property that you can edit freely, either though the inspector or the API, so having your own script that updates the Speed each frame according to your constraints should do the work.

Any other questions?

Have a nice day
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