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Move between control points
Are there shortcut methods that would help move a SplineController from ControlPoint A to ControlPoint B on a spline? In my scenario, I'm not using speed. I'm directly controlling the gameobjects movement along the spline with AbsolutePosition, and trying to control movement between different checkpoints along the spline. Imagine a bus route with stops for passengers where I instantiate a control point at each stop.

Or better yet, how do I find the closest ControlPoint to my gameobject's current position along the spline? If I could identify the current ControlPoint, then I could use functions like GetNextControlPoint, [b]GetPreviousControlPoint  [/b]and work with the ControlPointList.

You are looking for this method
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Ah, I saw that one but didn't think about scanning for out parameters. Out parameters are pretty hard to find with such a large API.

Thanks for pointing it out!

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