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Generate path from point A to point B taking account of direction
I've been looking at a number of different tweening packages but can't find out of the box support for what I need.

I want to move an aircraft-icon on a map from point A to point B, I have both points as vector3's, I also have the aircraft-icon's initial heading.
I want it to move forward a bit and then turn towards the direction of point B, it sounds simple enough, but I've attempted to set up points myself, and I can't get it to do something I'm happy with, is this something Curvy can do out of the box, or easily?
Yes, with Curvy you can do that. If I understand correctly your request, you want the icon to follow a curved path between two points A and B, a curve that exits A with a specific direction and enters B with a specific one.
If this is what you want to do, it is feasible by drawing a Bezier curve between A and B, and setting the in and out Bezier handles to match the exiting and entering directions. And then making the icon follow that curve (using a Spline Controller component)
If it can help, you can examples of some of the Curvy features in this webGL demo:
Please let me know if I can further help.
Thanks and have a nice day.
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