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Please read first
  • If you want to report a bug, please use the in-editor Bug Reporter since it auto-fills useful data for debugging, such as the Curvy Splines version.
  • If you share your project, on this forum or github or elsewhere, please make sure to exclude all Curvy Splines files from it. Otherwise you will be illegally distributing Curvy Splines, which will lead to a DMCA takedown.
  • If you or your team published a game or application using Curvy Splines, and you don't mind being showcased on the Curvy website, please let me know.
  • If you haven't reviewed Curvy Splines yet, please consider doing so, it will help us a lot keeping Curvy relevant in the eyes of the Asset Store algorithm.
  • Asset store links that you might find on this forum might be tracked by the Unity Affiliate program. More details here:
I hope you will enjoy your time with us.
Have a nice day.
Please consider leaving a review for Curvy. This will help a lot keeping Curvy relevant in the eyes of the Asset Store algorithm.

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