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Mesh Generator, Hard / Faceted Edges?

So Redliner is a low poly, hard edged faceted art style game. In blender this is very easy to do by giving all the polygons hard edges/ removing smoothing groups. I'm wondering if the mesh generator for Curvy currently has this capability (or could?)
[Image: 36BcdZe.png]

You can see the style from the surrounding assets. You can see that the road while mostly flat, does have a dropoff on each side. You notice that by the Red Line I drew that there should be a hard edge.

I suppose I can export the mesh to blender, modify it, and re-import. But wonder if there is an in-engine solution.

In the Shape Extrusion module, there is a "Hard Edges" option. This is what you need. Its documentation is here
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Got it, I had that checked globally, but I didn't enable it per CP - works now! Thank you!

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