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Shape extrusion "range" changes in run time to "length"
when I set up an extrusion range, sometimes in run time it will change from "range" to "length", using the end float number.

This only seems to happen when I close the spline, open splines are fineĀ  Huh

[Image: Screen%20Shot%202017-12-19%20at%2019.44.28.png]

to this

[Image: Screen%20Shot%202017-12-19%20at%2019.46.31.png]

this makes the extrusion 0.75 of the track length instead of 0.25

The pictures you attached to your post are available, so I will answer based only on what I understood from the text:

Depending on if the spline is open or closed, the definition of a valid range differs. For a closed spline, looping inside the spline is possible, so values above 1 (0 being spline start, 1 spline end) are valid. So you can have a range from 1.5 to 1.8, or said otherwise, a range that starts at 1.5 and has a length of 0.3.
For open splines, only values between 0 and 1 are valid, and the length should not be bigger than 1 - start
To reflect the difference on valid ranges, the range property drawer behaves differently whether the spline is open or closed.
It is true that the range property drawer can be improved to make this logic obvious. I will add this to the backlog.

Thanks for your feedback
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Yes this is changing a spline from open to closed in run time.

For now I'm checking the state of the spline and if it gets closed I change these values in code to make sense again.

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