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SplineController questions
Hello Jake,

1. How can I move something in ... reverse? The speed value is only positive. I have my train that I made it move forward... however I also want to move backwards. Is there a way to do this?
2. 2. I manually placed the train a bit lower like this:
[Image: oyCUtjn.png]

However when I click play, it moved a bit up like this:
[Image: 7Kok8rQ.png]

I'm curious what is causing this exactly?

3. I'm trying to create a junction. I have something like this:
[Image: QO5nY9M.png]

My main problem right now is ... that I trigger the event on the junction using a Trigger Colider which is really really not ideal. Is there a way to have a code or something on the Spline Segment that will detect when another GameObject with a Spline Controller is above it and send an message to that GameObject?

Right now my Junction Movement looks like this:

Main problem is that when the middle of the Wagon1 reaches the junction, it sends an event to all my clilds (Wagon2) to move on the Line 2 ... I need to make this event only when each of the wagon is over the junction... which is why I want to do the thing I just asked above.

I think I have other questions but those are the most important Smile

Thank You


1.) First set Speed to 0, then to a negative value. It will get positive, but direction flips.
2.) Need t check if that happens for the train example scenes as well. After all they're just a quick mockup of what can be done with custom controllers. Right now I've got no idea what can cause a offset in this place.
3.) Each SplineController has an OnControlPointReached event you can hook into. So let each Controller switch the spline individually.

Using above event you could write a "track segment" manager or such. Each time a Controller moves onto the track, it registers there. When leaving, it removes itself from the list. This way you'll know which track is busy and which not.

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