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Setup Generators in code
I'm trying to setup and generate geometry in code. Is there any extra documentation on how to do this or example code?

Also, would it be advisable to reuse the same generator, would the memory footprint be high if there is a generator attached to each spline? ( I would have over 1000)
Hi Jake, I'm not sure why your previous response has been deleted. I'm trying to use the approach you described but I'm receiving an error:

"The object you want to initiate is null" stack trace refering to the CreateMesh.cs: 457

I'm attempting to use the generator you setup in the examples 15_CGExtrusionAdvanced with my own spline data, using the following code. Any thoughts on where this is going wrong?

       Track[] tracks = trackList.Track;

       CurvyGenerator cgen = FindObjectOfType(typeof(CurvyGenerator)) as CurvyGenerator;

       cgen.AutoRefresh = false;
       List<CreateMesh> cm = cgen.FindModules<CreateMesh>();

       for (int i = 0; i < MAX_TRACKS; i++)
           ArrayList coords = Strings2Vec3Arr(tracks[1]);
           GameObject instance = InstantiateSectie(coords);

           attachCurvySpline(instance, coords);


           foreach (CreateMesh cm_i in cm)

Just a guess: Are you doing this in Start() without waiting for your splines to be fully initialized? Otherwise it would be nice to get a scene reproducing the error. You can send it to jake<at>


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