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Spline+Controller Instantiated at Runtime
I'm having issues trying to get an object to follow a spline, when both the object and the spline are defined during runtime

essentially what happens is:

1. user draws in space (in my case, using vr controllers)
2. points are generated from the user's drawing motion
3. a Spline and mesh are generated from those points
4. an object (with corresponding SplineController) is instantiated, which travels along said curve

I've gotten steps 1-3 to work adequately; I'm having trouble with 4.  The InfiniteTrack example is somewhat useful, but both my Spline and my SplineController are being instantiated at run time -- when I try to assign the Spline to the Controller via script, it doesn't move (even when waiting for initialization before calling Play() ).

I can provide more info or a project file if needed.  Thanks in advance.

Yes, please send me a package to jake<at>


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