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[Unity] Hide the Curvy interface.

Curvy was something I learned about when I upgraded my copy of Unity to stay up to date for my client's project. I find it distracting to have those 5 buttons sitting in the top left part of my viewport in Unity. 

I thought I'd create a thread here about it since there seems to be a lack of information on the web about this.

To remove Curvy from the 3D viewport in Unity:

-Edit/Preferences (under 'Selected All')


-untick 'Show Global Toolbar'

-Exit the preferences

The buttons should then be gone.


Team: It's a drag for users to update their unity and find some mystery tool clogging up their viewport with no quick way to dismiss it, at least from the perspective of someone who's not that well versed with Unity. I had to ask a team member about this, as there's no information on google about removing Curvy. Curves and splines in Unity is GREAT! However, most people probably don't need it in their 3d viewport by default.

Warm regards,


google search terms:

Unity Hide the curvy interface, remove curvy interface from unity, remove buttons from top right hand corner of 3d viewport
It could be an old dev's habits, but first thing I check on new packages are the preferences Wink

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