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Change the Track with controlling Speed
             Jake  i would like to know that how a track can be change from Track A to Track B.
i already have Connected  Track A point to Track B point.
                    For Example :- for changing the track we need to click toggle after clicking toggle and if we are changing speed its going on Track A as previous position

how can i change the Track by controlling speed .I am using 12_Train Scene.


Thanks much
wali Ahmed.
this below threads is not useful to me ....can u sugest me with your reply .may be that can be useful to me..
thank you.
In the train example the toggle's state is used by a callback function (TrainCarManager.cs, OnCPReached method) assigned to the train's SplineController. This function is called when a Control Point is reached and there the controller is set to use another spline, based on the toggle's state.

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